I’ve been surfing the internet as a Canadian for the last two weeks while I watch Continuum. 

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The #1 cause of death that no one’s trying to “cure”; Governments.

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i mean obviously you’re right but what?

A lot of original posts that hit out the park. Plus a lot of great booty. 

Dan was on absolute fire today. 


Did my American duty today. Stood in front of a display of Hillary Clinton books and made disgusting noises with my throat

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omfg such wealth

Ballin’ out of control. 

Called it! IS/ISIL/ISIS beheading of James Foley used as justification for going to war in Syria (AND Iraq)




Ben Rhodes, National Security Advisor, said that IS beheading of journalist James Foley is a terrorist act, an attack on our nation, and as such, we must go into Syria and Iraq to fight them. http://ift.tt/YKB6rL…

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Am I the only one that doesn’t buy that the James Foley beheading? The government stages events like this all the time to incite us to go to war. Remember that sarin gas attack in Syria? Gulf of Tonkin?

It was very convenient that ISIS would just so happen to behead James Foley only a month after we just so happen to fail a supposed “rescue” operation of him and others.

Very convenient. And now all of these CIA officials and politicians keep warning that ISIS is ‘already’ in the U.S.

Was it even real, tho? 



scientists have isolated the gene that makes you become a eugenicist and are somewhat torn as to what to do with this

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I reblogged that 50 Cent video because it was funny and I didn’t think that Floyd was actually illiterate. 

But now that I know the dude really can’t read, I feel bad for him. Another person failed by the state and it’s horrendous education system. 

Taylor Swift is the Rebecca Black who actually made it.





LMAO this nigga 50 smh


50 is sub-zero

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The Historic Drop In Teen Births (via ThinkProgress)

Thanks abortion!


The Historic Drop In Teen Births (via ThinkProgress)

Thanks abortion!

Alex Jones Debunks the Ice Bucket Challenge, Reveals the Secret Illuminati Plot to Dumb Down the Masses with Ice Cold Fluoridized Water (INFOWARS.COM)