We still have a military draft in America

Most people don’t realize this but we still have a draft in America, only we’ve rigged it that the children of the rich, elite or political class don’t have to worry about dodging the draft. 

We draft kids into the military based on economics. We have an Economic Draft in America. Many get sucked into the business of war simply because it’s a job that pays well or just pays. 

These people are economically enslaved. There is no real way out of there situation because they lack the education to move up in life and progress and they can’t afford to go to college because the cost is too damn high. The solution? Join the military. You make more than the average person in your community and you’re told you get to learn and earn a degree or money for a future degree. This is the lure that’s set in the trap. 

What they don’t tell you is that we don’t have enough jobs or enough jobs to provide enough money because we’re too busy taxing everyone to pay for the wars which, in turn, pay the military. 

It’s a never ending cycle and that’s the goal. It’s been the goal for a long time. It’s how they shamelessly force the poor and the naive to join their Federal Reserve Army and to do the bidding of the elite. It’s also how the elite ensure that neither they or their family and friends will have to give up a child to their own endless wars. So long as they have alternative means of going to school and making money, they’d have no reason to join the suicide mission that is the military.

So when you end wars, you end a governmental waste, you end a reason to tax which means you end a stream of government inlay. You leave more money in the pockets of the citizens, none of which actually know anything about the Middle East and have no reason to go to war with them. This money leads to increased spending which leads to more jobs and more pay.

Ending military spending doesn’t put ex-military on the streets. It puts them in jobs in America, near their family, in safe surroundings where they aren’t being shot at or blown up ever 15 minutes.   

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