guess how long we’ve been genetically modifying plants and animals

Since before Gregor Mendel figured it out with peas, motherfuckers.

I don’t think selective breeding is the same thing as genetic modification.

Selective breeding is genetic modification.

There’s a difference between altering the genetics of food to help human nutrition and hopefully increasing corporate profits as opposed to altering the genetics of food to increase corporate profits regardless of the impact on human nutrition. 

I’m all for the former and 100% against the latter. 

Of course this is a complex issue, a lot more complex than many want to admit. People are also under the impression that we have no food on this planet and without GMOs, we’d all starve, which is false. We waste almost as much food in a year than we eat.

GMOs have also created an entirely new issue and that’s of genetic patenting. Regardless of how you feel about IP Law in general, it’s pretty easy to see why genetic patenting of life is dangerous and wrong. 

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