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  • FOX: Fiscal Cliff Press Conferences
  • CNN: Patreus scandal
  • HLN: “Saving for kids’ future on a budget” and something called “black in america” about harlem churches as a “booming new business”
  • msnbc: Discussion on why Obama has a “Mandate” from the Middle Class to raise taxes

 Seriously, what the fuck.

Not a word on Gaza, not a word on the European General Strike.

Dude, FUCK the general strike.

Whiny bitches just want more government. Why the fuck are you, as a supposed anarchist, so gaga about that shit? They are using the word austerity non-ironically! Let go of your romantic concepts of workers and laborers shrugging off oppressive hierarchy and acknowledge it for what it is: statists demanding more statism.

That would be incorrect, sir.

For you see, in order to make sure the capitalists see a good “return on their investment”, taxes are being raised wildly.

The robberies increase to cover the costs of bailed-out banks and failed speculation.


This isn’t an “I’m Ooooon StriiiIiiiiiIIIIke for more food stamps!”, this is about the fact that a radical restructuring of political spending is underway that means the average worker is ROBBED HARDER and GETS LESS IN RETURN FOR IT so that the corporate ruling class “cronies” (if you prefer) can make off like bandits.

I’m with the strikers.

I don’t see how the tax hikes go to help “the capitalists”, if anything, it hurts the pure capitalists. 

Who the tax hikes will help are the Corporatists or the oligarchists or the presidents men or whatever you want to call them. Those that don’t want to play by the rules of free market capitalism and want to play by the rules of corruption. 

The people that will be helped by the tax hikes are those that will profit from those taxes. 

This isn’t a result of or a condition of capitalism. This is a condition of government corruption. This is corporatism. This is government and a few select individuals sharing both power and wealth but giving off the impression that they are exclusive characteristics. 

You want to blame capitalism, that’s fine. But that would be a move no more foolish than blaming the sunshine for the flood caused by rain simply because the sunshine once occupied the sky that is now filled with clouds. 

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    Fox news DID cover the European protests & strike and Gaza a lot, I just watched it 20 mins ago. Krauthammer was awesome...
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    And that’s why I started watching The Blaze TV. “The news network you are building.” I really can’t praise it enough....
  9. luchasuzuki said: read electronic news. television news is for advertising and ratings.
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