Off the Grid.

“There are growing number of people 
who have decided to live light on the earth
to not be a part of problem anymore
I spent the last few years with four of them 
striving for harmony with nature 
in the most pristine corners of United States.”

Eric Valli, Off the Grid.


I love camping and the outdoors, we probably spend 5 or 6 weekends a year camping or hiking, but to live like that my entire life? No thanks. 

Technology is a marvelous thing. It both helps make life easier and better. I think that we need to focus our energy and efforts on accelerating the progress of technology, not the other way around. 

I have a theory that we have limited resources only if we limit the acceleration of progress. So long as we keep advancing technology we will get more and more efficient in how we use resources and we will also get better at finding new resources, both on earth and beyond. But that’s a topic for another day (and perhaps my thesis). 

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    That first picture is god damn beautiful. I’d just like to say that the clothes and tools these people off the grid are...
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    Interesting. I love camping and the outdoors, we probably spend 5 or 6 weekends a year camping or hiking, but to live...
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