Trying to ban guns because they don’t fit your personal preference is no different than banning alcohol because you don’t like alcohol. Both can kill. Both have their share of perks and dangers. However only the gun can can your life. Alcohol, on the other hand, has no health benefits, it can only disguise the fact that it is killing you with a mask of splendid yet blurry social interactions.

Still, I find that banning either is a silly proposition. The people will obtain what the people covet. Look no further than the prohibition era of the 1920’s in the United States. Alcohol was outlaws yet it still flowed in the backrooms and secret clubs, doing nothing to erase it’s existence but adding a trail of blood and state-sponsored violence to mark its demand. Likewise, look at the gun bans in any major city around the world and you’ll see that there is no vacuum of weapons, at least not for the criminals, it’s only the law abiding citizen that is disarmed and then subjected to the violence of the outlaw.

— My feelings on prohibition and gun bans. 
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