Hypocrisy & Double-Standards: National Defense vs Self Defense

President Obama, a man surrounded by a dozen fully armed and trained Secret Service agents at any given time, which costs this nation $1.6 billion a year, thinks that you have nothing to fear and have no need for protection via the ownership of a gun. 

This is the hypocrisy of politicians and the state itself. The very same men and women in government that want to increase your taxes in order to pay for a national defense budget, which they refuse to cut, want you to believe that you have nothing to fear. 

These are the same individuals that want to spy on all Americans due to a “constant threat to our lives by terrorists” want you to disarm because “you have nothing to fear”. The same folks that have declared a “war on terror” and have declared the United States of America an “active warzone” are also telling you that “you have no need for guns”. 

These are the same individuals that justify the TSA and the NSA and the DHS and the CIA and the FBI all because “we have nothing to fear”. These are the same people that think the constant threat to and from Americans is so high that we have a need for indefinite detention, secret kill lists and spy drones, yet “we have nothing to fear”. 

But that’s the hypocrisy of the state and how they deal with things. Their goal isn’t to create actual safety or prosperity  their goal is to create the illusion of such for just long enough to get them elected and reelected. They are no different than a treatment as opposed to a cure. If government actually solved anything, they’d soon find themselves out of a job. 

We have a government that’s been hell bent on fear propaganda since September 11th, 2001 and is constantly pushing the idea that some boogie men in caves halfway around the world want to and will kill each and every one of us without an active army or the means to actually reach us. This is the same government that takes, without asking, our rights, freedoms and tax dollars along with leveraging the wealth of future generations on endless wars and complete surveillance yet they want us to think “we have nothing to fear”. 

If our government can spend so much money and time and effort on arming themselves for their protection, both in the states and abroad, then why can’t the people take such prudent measures?

Clearly our government thinks there is something to fear. Why else do we ramp up military spending, arm our local police with mil-spec weapons and vehicles. Why else do politicians require 24/7 armed security and the need to disperse crowds when they travel? Why do we need to collect data on all individuals, including innocent citizens? Clearly there are constant threats to Americans on all fronts, right? It’s either that or this has all been a rather drawn out and dangerous ruse to confiscate our precious tax dollars and to eliminate our pesky civil rights. 

So I ask, which is it? Are people really trying to kill us every second of the day or do we really have nothing to fear? And if we do have something to fear, the track record of complete incompetence (Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City, WTC, USS Cole, 9/11, Benghazi) of our government is a pretty convincing argument that the people should probably have a Plan B regardless of the legitimacy of the threat. 

- Sha

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