Am I becoming a conspiracy nut?



Honestly, I’ve always denied all these agenda 20 notions but lately I keep trying to figure out what the end game is or where we will be as a society in 5, 10, 20 years and I keep coming to the same logical conclusion. And that conclusion is both scary and the same conspiracy-ish junk that I’ve always proclaimed to be crazy talk. 

But with every new tax, regulation, gun control, wikileaks cable and action (inaction) of government, we get closer and closer to the realization that the corporations have taken over and they want to create a wealth divide by making earning money impossible, eliminating income mobility and implementing a full on totalitarian police state where the oligarchy can oversee their oligopoly and the disarmed citizenry can slave away at their public jobs with limited public benefits and nothing else. 

Sounds insane, I know, I thought so myself 5 years ago. but today, we are closer to it being reality that anything else. 

I’ll elaborate more with a better post tomorrow. 

I said the same thing awhile ago.  There is far too much evidence to ignore.

It’s not even the evidence. 

It’s the simple fact that even if it isn’t some sort of conspiracy or a master plan, we are headed down a very dangerous path. And that scares me. I’ve always assumed that people would wake the hell up or that we’d figure something out or that even the schmucks in charge would take a step back. 

But looking at history and the life cycle of governments and civilizations and the sustainability and even the possibility of saving or reversing what we’ve ruined and I can’t help but think that it’s too late. That even if this wasn’t someone’s master plan to disarm, deplete and even enslave the masses, it’s still happening and that we’re all still generally fucked. 

I still don’t see a link to some single organization or anything but it’s all going down the path of 1984 which just cataloged the dangerous path or totalitarianism in an advanced technological world. 

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    The truth always sounds crazier then it actually is, and the media helps make it sound even crazier. But you are right...
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    Corporations are not business as we think of business. They are government masquerading as business, or a hybrid of the...
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    In my opinion, there are way too factors to blame it ALL on one intentional plan. Humans are definitely stupid enough to...
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    All this talk about life cycles. I posted a video yesterday that I really think you’d enjoy! Its under my history tag, I...
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    It’s not even the evidence. It’s the simple fact that even if it isn’t some sort of conspiracy or a master plan, we are...
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    There’s no shame in awakening to the truth of our awful situation, despite the inevitable mockers.
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    Conspiracy theories have turned out true in the past…Mk Ultra springs to mind.
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