Does anyone else realize how incredible of a time we are living in?




Practically the entire planet, every corner and certainly every civilized continent is a midst protect, culture change, revolution and questioning. Questioning our existence, questioning our actions, questioning authority and questioning our destiny. 

Yet, it seems as if no one is appreciating the beauty of the chaos we live in. We are seeing a time of civil unrest and conscious awakening that’s greater than the revolutionary era of 1776 to 1799 that saw both the American Revolution and the French Revolution. 

The last few years has brought us the Arab Spring, the global Occupy movement, Wikileaks, the dissent and move to third and even fourth parties both here in America and abroad. We are seeing the weakening of political unions and the strengthening of localized, accessible government and even the promotion of self governance. The rise of Voluntaryism. The belief that voluntary interaction is not only better, but best. 

The entire world is changing, at once. There is a global alignment of thought without coercion. 

This isn’t the new world order that conspiracy theorists have feared for decades, this is the new world order that humanity has desperately seeking for millennia. 

All but the last, my friend.


I’m confused. 

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