1. Guy gets assaulted.

2. Guy calls police.

3. When police arrive, guy complains that they took 45 minutes to get there (note: from my personal experience, it’s amazing they arrived at all)

4. Cop doesn’t like his authority questioned, and responds “Listen to me. First of all, I’m not on your time watch (sic).”

5. Cop then steps forward and gets in guy’s face.

6. Guy informs him he’s a soldier. Cop complains that guy stepped up to him (though it was the cop who got in the guy’s face).

7. Cop punches guy hard in the face and tells guy that he’s a marine.

8. Guy gets handcuffed by cop’s fat partner.

9. Cops never follow-up on people who assaulted guy in the first place.

I love how the cop keeps trying to cover his ass by saying that the kid “got up in [his] face,” and the kid obviously isn’t going to contradict him lest he and his fat ass partner decide to give him another beating. 

Anyway, civilized society has no use for any of these three barbarians. Let’s send all cops and soldiers to an island where they can ram their heads against one another until they go brain dead.

To “Protect & Serve” they said…

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