stefan molyneux is the alex jones of philosophy. 

I’m sick of these “The Truth About [insert movie name]” videos on youtube. 

It’s just a fucking movie. 

The worst thing that our corrupt government has done is hand over undeserved credibility to Alex Jones. 

I think the main conspiracy that we should look into is…

…whether or not Alex Jones works for the CIA/Big Government interests. Because it sure as hell seems like this is the only logical explanation. 

Jeffrey Tucker finally found an appealing way to get liberals to side with gun ownership. 

Jeffrey Tucker finally found an appealing way to get liberals to side with gun ownership. 

I don’t care for Alex Jones and I read a lot of people completely split on how Alex represented the “liberty” movement on television last night. So I watched the entire interview and I have one thing to say:


Alex is on master-troll level through the entire interview. 

Honestly, just watching Alex, his whole goal seems to be to get in as many words as possible and do to Piers what he does to most guests he doesn’t agree with. He tries to get in as many Google searches that he can while he has the audience of millions of people who have never heard of anything he has said. 

Jones is nuts, but a lot of the governments “black ops” are very real, as FOIA documents have proven over and over again. But the majority of CNN viewers are sheltered to these facts. Chances are that most of Piers daily audience wasn’t going to give Alex Jones or even libertarianism the time of day even before Jones went nuclear on CNN. However, if Alex got even one person to google and learn something new about how evil the government is or how beautiful liberty is, he was a success. 

Alex is not very well spoken and his temper always gets the best of him. Perhaps if he was eloquent with his words, we’d all be better off, but he is. I also think that it doesn’t matter. Ron Paul is a fantastic speaker and never loses his cool and Piers audience demographic still laugh him off the stage. The sad truth is the messenger doesn’t matter to most because they’ve predetermined their stance on the message before they even hear it. Even if Alex was on his best behavior, most viewers would still have a negative opinion of him and his message. The delivery, therefore, is a moot point. The real goal was to get in as many search terms as fast as possible and to try to get even just one viewer to convert. 

Once you are spiritually aligned with the liberty movement, you don’t really care who else claims to be a part of it. This isn’t a fashion show for most. There’s a lot of in-fighting between libertarians and a lot of people think a lot of others are clueless or even dangerous and yet we all stick to the philosophy for one reason: it makes sense. 

If this was some fashion cult of political ideologies, you’d see people come and go. You’d see people say that “oh, I used to ascribe to the libertarian philosophy  but I’m over that”.

I’ve never met an ex-libertarian. 

Liberty and freedom are notions that stick. They infuse themselves into your cells. Once you are liberated, you would sooner lose your life than your convictions.

I’ll still never watch Alex Jones, at least not seriously, but I’m glad he did what he did. We’re all better off for it. 

- Sha (I can’t believe I just defended Alex freaking Jones)