For some reason I feel like Marvel’s going to title the 3rd Captain America movie something like: “Captain America: Authorization for Use of Military Force” or “Captain America: PATRIOT Act”

The Economics of The LEGO Movie. 

I know what movie I’m watching with the kids tonight…

Oh yea, LEGOnomics! 

THE UNKNOWN KNOWN - A documentary about Donald Rumsfeld. 

So many moies have come out and are coming out lately that are heavily libertarian/anti-government/questioning authority that I’m starting to wonder if it’s still fair to broadly label hollywood as a statist propaganda arm. 

Like I’ve mentioned before that in my 15 year experience working within the industry, most of the blue collar workers in Hollywood are very centrist and lean libertarian. It was only a matter of time that those feelings started to manifest themselves on to the big screen. 

…Or maybe I’m just giving them too much credit. 





holy mother of god

Actually terrifying.

CGI is nearly perfect these days (outside of a few key things like fire, smoke, water) which are good, but not perfect or lifelike. 

It’s just a matter of time and money to get things to look nearly real. 

This was just a 40 second clip of a 1/4 of a face. Imagine a 2 hour movie with full scenes and characters. That’s the only reason you don’t see amazing CGI in every single movie. 

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Gal Gadot is really good looking, but Wonder Woman needs more muscle on her. 

Every year one of the companies I work for gives employees a budget and access to equipment and our facilities to make short films about the company. These were this year’s entries. 

The first one comes from our HD editing facility, the second one is our restoration facility, the third one is our captioning facility,  

First trailer for Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


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Lawless is a damn fine movie. 


Here it is: The trailer to the new Wikileaks movie, “The Fifth Estate,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the man in question, Julian Assange. As you might guess, Wikileaks has already commented on this(via @AlexJamesFitz)

Finally, a story worth telling. Good job, Hollywood. 

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How to Make Money Selling Drugs - Official Trailer (HD) Documentary

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Watching this now. The details and quality of these drawings are amazing. 

Watching this now. The details and quality of these drawings are amazing. 

Watching the Watchmen. Dr. Manhattan is a fantastic character. It pains me but I can completely relate to his growing apathetic view of humanity. 


Man there were some cool shots in this movie.

No lie, Contact was one of my favorite movies. 

It had all kinds of geek science, aliens, libertarians and it even taught me about government secrecy and over spending (they fucking built two of them! TWO!). 

if you haven’t seen contact, do it tonight, nerds!

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"I’m invincible!"

"I’m invincible!"