I don’t know how we got here, but 2014 Israel is starting to look like 1938 Germany. Unbelievable. 

@NatCounterPunch: Israeli jets strike Gaza as death toll surpasses 1200: pic.twitter.com/xjAsP19mCm
: Israeli jets strike Gaza as death toll surpasses 1200:


A friend shared these two photos taken today, just south of Haifa. I wonder what the Israeli military is going to do with these…

One badass fireworks show…?

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The REAL Reason Israel Attacked Syria (by StormCloudsGathering)

‘There is much more to Israel’s recent attacks on Syria than we are being told by the mainstream media.’

Is there a joint effort between Israel, USA and NATO to create a reason to enter Syria?

I don’t travel. If I did, I probably wouldn’t visit Israel. I remember how it was in 1948 when Israel was being established and all my Jewish friends were ecstatic. I was not. I said: What are we doing? We are establishing ourselves in a ghetto, in a small corner of a vast Muslim sea. The Muslims will never forget nor forgive. And Israel, as long as it exists, will be embattled. I was laughed at, but I was right. I can’t help but feel that the Jews didn’t really have the right to appropriate a territory only because 2000 years ago, people they consider their ancestors, were living there. History moves on and you can’t really turn it back.

— Jewish writer Isaac Asimov (via exposingthetruths)

A similar argument can be made for the Armenians and for the Ararat Mountain region which many Armenians still fight for and claim was stolen by the Ottomans. 

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الذي لا تراه عن غزة في الأعلام - What you don’t see in media about Gaza (by Mohammad Issa)

This is insane. Can you imagine growing up like this? Scarred for life. 

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We Palestinians don’t talk about fear, we talk about death. Our rockets scare them; their rockets kill us. We have no bomb shelters, we have no sirens, we have nowhere we can take our children and keep them safe. They are scared. We are dying.

Mohammed al-Khoudry, a Palestinian farmer

133 Palestinians and 5 Israelis have been killed in the latest round of violence which started on Wednesday after Israeli soldiers shot Palestinian boys while they were playing soccer, one of whom was 13-year-old Hamid Younis Abu Daqqa. At least 27 of the dead were babies and children.

One Israeli strike on Sunday killed 12 Palestinians in the same house: four small children and five women including an 80-year-old all from the same family were among the dead [graphic].

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A rebloggable version of my Israeli-Palestinian relations post. 

A rebloggable version of my Israeli-Palestinian relations post. 


boobysteels asked: Could you explain the issue at hand in the Israel & Palestine conflict?


There was once a time when the Israelite tribes controlled the land that is now known as Israel and Palestine/Gaza. Throughout time, different tribes and nations have come to seize control over this land through various means

And then came Zionism. Jews began to resettle their ancient lands, which were, at that time, a part of Syria. Most of these Jewish settlers were from Russia. At the time 1904-, Russia was persecuting Jews and this was a movement to save their own lives. 

And then came WWI and with it the British and US government allied with the Zionists in a power struggle with the ottoman Turks. This relationship would be one of the most important alliances in modern history and perhaps in all of human history. 

Then came WWII and Hitler’s Holocaust of the Jewish people in Nazi controlled Europe. Both during and right after WWII, Jewish people began to immigrate to the Palestine, which was a British territory at the time (Common thread in all major lands of conflicts, they were mostly all at one time British territories.). The massive “illegal” immigration became a problem for Britain. They called on the newly formed UN to solve the issue. And in 1947, the UN thought they solved the problem by implementing “The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine”, where the UN took land from Palestinians and gave it to Jews to create a new state which was to be named Israel, but that was rejected and civil war broke out.  

And this is when the new wars of the region began. 

Majority of the Arab/Muslim states decided to march into the British land and fight off the new settlers in the Arab-Israeli War. This actually unified the state of Israel and helped produce what we call the IDF today. 

Out of the fighting emerged a few new states; Israel, who declared independence, Jordan, who also declared themselves a separate state from Palestine and Israel, and what we call Palestine today. 

Israel was given a country in a region that has been fought over since before the bible and probably since the dawn of time. The UN basically ignored all of history, where Jews, Muslims and Christians spilled endless blood and lost countless lives over this very land, and decided to systematically create a state because they were the UN and they could do it. Basically a brass-check by the UN. 

This problem was only escalated when the Zionist movement decided that the partition that they were granted was not enough and expansion of the Israeli state began, backed by both financial and military support by America and her allies. 

Overtime, Israel has taken more and more land from the Palestinians and gone as far as building giant walls around the West bank. Here’s a fun map:

Skipping a lot of violent history here, but it’s all pretty much the same; Muslims and Israelis dying due to their governments fighting over land and power. That’s the history of humanity in a nutshell. 

The aggression by the Israeli government forced the Palestinians to resort to a more violent representation. From Israeli persecution came movements such as the PLO and Hamas. This is what happens when you oppress people. The same type of oppression gave birth to the Nazi movement in Germany. When people see no other way out of a situation, they resort to violence. 

I don’t support Hamas in anyway. They feed on people’s fears in order to capture power in the region. They operate from civilian zones and hide in plain site by intermingling with the Palestinians. There is no possible way of defeating such an enemy without killing innocent civilians. 

Yet Hamas’ violence is match for the big guns of the IDF, just check the numbers. Since 2006, 2,400+ Palestinians have been killed by Israelis and 47 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians. Don’t want to discount any single life, but you can see why Palestinians are willing to let a violent organization like Hamas run the show.  

Today, no one even really cares why they fight or how the intervention of the UN only accelerated the conflict and how the backing by super powers such as the US and UK keep Israel armed to the teeth and able to oppress the Palestinians. Not taking anyone’s side here as all violence against humans is wrong, just the facts. 

So, what’s the lesson here? Violence will always breed more violence. It’s the only end from those means. 




Ron Paul - Israel Created Hamas…

like a boss

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Palestinian Loss of Land 1946-2000



Palestinian Loss of Land 1946-2000


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No country on Earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.

Barack Obama (via antigovernmentextremist)

LOL Quote of the Day

Who Started The Wars We Still Fight Today?

While discussing the degradation of humanity sparked by my post on ‘Redefining Radical’ the conversation went on a tangent and a few friends began to discus who is at fault for the continuous war between Israel and Palestine.

One friend asked, “Let’s say u walked into your house and your wife was getting raped. What would you do? Would you stand idle or would you attack him?” Without getting into the merits of comparing war to rape or anything of that nature, I answered, “I’d attack him”. 

However, that’s not the solution to the problem, that’s only an action that results from the problem itself. 

The real problem is why do such acts take place in the first place and why do we have a culture that is okay with killing as long as it’s a war waged between governments. It’s this acceptance of behavior that keeps the killing going. One kills to avenge another kill which avenged another kill. The timeline of killing stretches so far back that no one knows what instigated it or why it even continues only that it MUST go on. 

The real problem is that we live in a world where such violent behavior exists and it is reciprocated. Over and over again ad infinitum. We’re not talking about finding a man in your home, we aren’t even talking about finding a man in your home because you were once in his, violating his family. We are talking about behavior that goes back generations, where the reason he’s in your home can be traced back to what your great ancestors once did to his great ancestors. 

Can you tell me who started the war between Israel and Palestine? Can you tell me who started the war between Christians and Muslims? Can you tell me when, where, why? You can’t. No one can. We’ve been fighting for so long that it’s the only thing we know. We don’t even know a life in absence of war exists. 

I don’t single out Palestinians or Israelis to cast blame on. Both are equally at fault, as is every nation or individual who has ever supported or opposed either side, publicly or secretly.