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Objective reality, subjective value. Two different ideas.

Right, but Ayn wasn’t talking about Objective reality. That would be the same as intrinsic value, which she rejected. She was talking about objective as in the value to a person that is discovered, not invented, by them. 

She presents three types of value, intrinsic, subjective and objective. She rejects the other two and favors the objective. 

I don’t remember the exact wording but it’s from her ‘What is Capitalism’ work. 

I never understood how libertarians, especially those of the Austrian economic variety, support or agree with Ayn Rand. Rand’s philosophy pushes “objective thought” while the main premise behind Austrian economics and libertarian theory of decentralized government is that all human action is subjective.

Ayn Rand is the worst thing to happen to Libertarians

There, I said it. 

So many people confuse Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism for being the same exact thing as Libertarianism. 

The mistake is no different than the occupy folks who think Free market Capitalism is the same as Crony Corporatism. 


Mozart was a Red by Murray Rothbard

A one act play about Rothbard’s interaction with Ayn Rand. 

How the Hell have I not watched this before?  Funny as Hell. 

Did Murray Rothbard really write this? It’s pretty damn hilarious once you figure out what they changed the names to, which isn’t to hard.