Typically, humans will only eat meat when it is cooked, seasoned, dressed, and served between buns.  This has the delightful effect of making meat look nothing like the bloody hairy carcass that makes a true carnivores mouth water.

Because in some cases, we need to remove possible bacteria. Sort of how you’d wash a fruit or vegetable before eating it. Also some people are able to eat raw meat without any negative side effects.

I’m not surprised that information like that is frequently left out by vegans.

P.S. We’re omnivores you idiot. Lol vegan logic. If you’re not A you must be C. There is no B.


I like how this person conveniently ignores dishes made with cooked, seasoned and dressed fruits and vegetables.

If humans are naturally herbivorous, why do so many vegans and vegetarians like to create recipes intended to replicate the experience of eating meat?

and lol sushi

Also there are non-cooked meat dishes..Steak tartare comes to mind but I am sure there are others


There’s a reason that the invention of fire and the shift from nuts and shrubs to hunting and consuming meat helped pull man out of the cave and propel it into modern-day prosperity of both body and technology. 

The fact is that in order to power our bodies and our minds, meat is a much better and more efficient source of energy than vegetation. 

If it weren’t for humans becoming meat consumers, we’d have never advanced to the point were vegetarians could get on the internet and complain about meat consumption. You’re welcome.