California Proposition Voting Guide Nov-2012

A few friends have asked me about the Props in tomorrow’s election so here’s a quick write-up.  I suggest that before you read my position, you read up on all the ballot measures here & here.

30- NO. We already have the highest taxes in the entire fucking union. The reason why we are broke is because we tax like crazy and then hand that money off to special interests, unions, and wasted projects, like that dumb fucking train. California is the only state where the population is actually leaving and we’ve been voted the worst state to do business in 8 years in a row. There’s a reason for that. 

We take all the tax money we collect and we GIVE IT to the 3 top industries in Cali. The top industries barely pay any taxes if any because if it weren’t for the tax breaks and subsidies, Cali is not a desirable place for business because the taxes are way too high. 

We are literally paying the movie and tech companies to stay in California. And now they want more taxes? Get out of here if you believe that. 

31 - NO. This prop takes the revenues from the smaller, well run districts and drops it into a pool where larger (read: bankrupt) cities can use money from. It moves gov’t from localized to a more centralized gov’t and it tries to do so by paying off the larger cities to give up power for money. Instead of promoting smarter planning and less waste, they are asking the majority to take from the minority in exchange for less local power. 

Oh, and it moves the budget cycle from annual to biannual. Which means politicians have less work to do and lesss responsibility but the same pay. Lazy, scum bags. Terrible in all ways. 

32 - YES. This doesn’t keep unions from giving money to politicians. This keeps unions from taking money out of union employees paychecks without their permission. Unions, individuals, corporations, charities, aliens, whoever can still donate to politicians or superPACs if 32 passes. That’s it. It’s that simple. 

Unions are fighting it because they will no longer get to take money without authorization. 

33 - YES. Why should you not benefit from your past actions? Especially when it involves a scam like government mandated car insurance. 

34 - YES. Vote Yes so we end the death penalty. This is pretty simple. Killing to end killing is not logical, that’s like bombing for peace. Besides, think of how many cases have been overturned after years of unjust imprisonment due to new evidence. Our judicial system is not setup to punish the guilty, it is setup to ensure that the innocent stay free. 

36 - YES. Repeal 3 strikes. Again, another stupid law which targets petty offenders more than anything, get rid of it. Vote yes. 

37 - NO. This one I’m split on. But I’m voting No. You know how much I hate GMOs and how big I am on labeling and buying non-GMO. But here’s the thing, they already label non-GMO foods and I don’t believe in using the force of gov’t to get what we want. Instead we can all just buy non-GMO foods, stop buying GMO foods and we’d accomplish exactly what this Prop wants and maybe more without the added bureaucracy or waste of gov’t. 

38 & 39 - NO. Again, more taxes. The only people this tax hits is those that make enough to pay the taxes but not enough to receive loopholes or exemptions. People are fleeing this state, do we want to give them any more reason to do so?

Prop 40 - YES. In reality, this Prop doesn’t matter because of ridiculous the distracting in California (or America) is. I’d vote YES simply to prevent any form of new change to the system which just adds more costs. 

Prop B - NO. I’ll Let LALiberty tell you all about it.

There’s so many other Props on for the local level (Los Angeles) that I don’t know enough about but you can read about them here:

And remember, anytime you have the opportunity to vote for less government, do it.