Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder if socialist politicians in America purposely create legislation which uses government to shift wealth to the top 1% at an increasing rate and they do so secretly at first and then more and more publicly as time goes on.

They do this in order to create an artificial income disparity and then use that same disparity as a rally cry to infuse hate and resentment in the other 99% all while still signing off on legislation that acts opposite to their public stance, where said legislation continues to funnel more and more money from the average worker and into the pockets of the crony elite. 

And all of this was done to unnaturally tilt the balance of America and to help ignite a Marxist revolution in a country that would otherwise naturally find a balance between employees and employers thanks to the power of the market, helping destroy a system which was never broken to begin with yet now seems beyond repair. 

Or is that too large of a conspiracy to be real?

Sometimes I wonder…

Isn’t it odd that we make teachers in K-12 schools get gobs of education that focuses on mainly the ability to teach. Almost forcing them to spend money to achieve a master’s degree in a subject that’s useless in any other field other than teaching, almost to prove that they have the skills to teach. Yet at the highest levels of education, universities, especially at Ivy league schools, we don’t care if these individuals have an education in education. We look more at their career focus, accomplishments and their ability to teach. Why is that? What’s the point?

Sometimes I Wonder…

Sometimes I wonder about the size of the universe. The Universe is so big that it’s almost impossible to conceive. But even if we downsize and explore the size of our own galaxy or even just our own solar system, we realize that even those numbers are incredibly large. 

You’d have to travel one light year from Earth to exit our solar system. You’d have to travel another 3.2 light years to get to the next nearest star, Proxima Centauri. The Milky Way galaxy has about 200 to 400 BILLION stars and almost as many planets, with about 10-20 billion of those being Earth-sized with 4.5 billion of those planets being Earth-like. There are about 500 BILLION known galaxies in the Universe. There may be as many as 300 sextillion (300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) stars in the sky. 

Voyager 1 has traveled further than any man mad object in history. It has been in flight for 35 years and 6 months and it has just entered the heliosphere. Voyager 1 is 18,476,579,877 KM from Earth or 0.00195301775 light years out. If it travels for another 40,000 years, it will get withing 1.6 light years of another star, AC+79 3888 and no where near the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri. 

Happy Friday, y’all. 

Sometimes I Wonder…

Does anyone else wonder why Cup Noodles have a triple packaging? What are they trying to keep out? What are they trying to keep in?

Sometimes I Wonder…

What makes someone a “philosopher”?

I know a lot of people consider Stefan Molyneux a philosopher and an equally large number of people consider him an idiot. 

I’m pretty sure I can figure out where the line of distinction is between an idiot and one of decent reasoning ability but I’ve never really figured out where the non-philosopher crosses into the realm of philosophers. 

Technically, isn’t anyone who has had a conscious thought pandering in philosophy? And as the saying that I just made up goes, once a philosophizer, always a philosophizer. 

I agree that Molyneux isn’t the greatest philosopher we’ve seen and technically. He supposedly focused his master thesis on the philosophies of Kant, Hegel, Hobbes and Locke but his masters was in History. Technically, I’m more of a philosopher than he is, since I actually hold a bona fide, state-certified degree in philosophy. Then again, pretty sure Socrates and Kant and the rest of these “philosophers” didn’t have a degree in philosophy. Armatures. 

We can even take it meta from here and talk about how this blog post itself is nothing more than philosophizing on the philosophy of philosophers. Okay, that one hurt my brain. 

I’ve just always wondered how we make the distinction between philosopher and non-philosopher. Do we consider Ron Paul to be a philosopher? What about Ludwig von Mises? Keynes? On second thought, fuck Keynes. What about Obama, surely he has a new philosophy for what America should be. Is he a philosopher? 

Is there a It links, therefore it is? 

And can one really be a bad philosopher or is it simply a case of promoting a bad philosophy? Does bad even exist? Can’t one simply be different? Isn’t the only justification or subjective judgement we can rely on self-contained and self-actualized, hence making the opinion (and existence) of others irrelevant? 

Okay, now I’ve gone too far. 

Sometimes I wonder…

Why is it that so many libertarians love lingerie, stockings, garters and corsets?

Yes, I like them too. They are sexy and all that but think about this, most of those outfits are geared more towards the domination fetishes. So why is it that libertarians, who are all about liberty and freedom, love dom-style lingerie?  

Can it be that deep down inside, we all wish we were statists? 

Sometimes I wonder…

If there is no such thing as one true, static, sustainable for of government, and that includes anarchism or absence of government and that the reality is that humanity will always move between near anarchy to near totalitarian fascism and then back to near anarchy and so on, slowly passing each phase of government on the way there and back through various chaotic, violent spurts. 

Perhaps we are, doomed if you will, into living in this cyclical political environment where society continues to functions while having to adapt to the ever changing form of rule, much like stock brokers and investors have to tough it out through the booms and busts of the market all while the overall general trend in the extreme long-run has always been progress. Much like the market, perhaps society is always progressing, just in different ways during different times and under different types of political rule. Perhaps some eras help us improve our farming and others help us improve our technology.

While some eras of this political cycle seem to be more violent and others, we have no choice but to experience them due to the very nature of some men, those who seek absolute power, and we are forced to wait for the action of others, those brave enough and wise enough to save the rest of society from eternal servitude. 

Maybe this is the ying and yang of life; struggling between complete oppression and unbridled freedom, learning valuable lessons from the battle between the two.