We cannot make every community around the country invulnerable to terrorist attacks by writing large checks from Washington, D.C.

-Sen. Tom Coburn, speaking about a new report sponsored by his office that found that a Homeland Security grant program to small cities was used to buy expensive and unnecessary gadgets in the name of fighting terrorism. Columbus, Ohio bought a $98,000 underwater robot to patrol local rivers and Peoria, Ariz. spent $90,000 on security cameras and car bomb barriers for a baseball spring training field. Read more at the Los Angelels Times. (via govtoversight)

I was going to say that this is some of the most stupidly spent money I’ve seen from the government, but then I remembered how much of an exaggeration that would be considering how stupidly they spend 90% of their money.

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Isn’t all money spent by government spent stupidly? No need to redundantly add the “stupid” part.

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