The last time the US armed and funded a group of Syrian rebels, they went on to form what is now ISIS, the same organization which we are trying to defeat by arming and funding a group of Syrian rebels. This country is satire. 

This is straight up wrong though. Individuals that were part of other groups we were arming have since switched sides to become part of ISIS, but we were never arming a group that went on to form ISIS because before ISIS was ISIS it was Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the USA does a lot of stupid things but that’s too stupid even for America.

Honestly the Syrian Rebels we’re arming and Funding to defeat ISIS are the same Syrian Rebels we were already funding, this is basically the status quo except now we’re also going to be making airstrikes.

Thanks for your OPINIONS

Now here’s the FACTS: +,7340,L-4395445,00.html

Oh, and let’s add to this the fact that the US not only funded al Qaeda as far back as the 80’s, but we most likely created them via the CIA

Thanks for playing the HOW WRONG CAN MY GUESS BE game. Better luck next War! 

No Al-Qaeda ever existed - BBC documentary: The Power of Nightmares

I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again a million times; this is the most important documentary that you’ll watch in your lifetime.

If you’re going to comment on the Middle East, terrorism and going to war, you should first learn about the topics that you’re commenting on. Here’s where you start; watch BBC’s The Power of Nightmares. It will explain where radical Islam and radical neo-politics in America all came from and why they supposedly plague the world today. It’s Three parts, each 1 hour, but hey, it’s better than looking like a fool

Part 2:

The Power of Nightmares Part 2- The Phantom Victory - by Adam Curtis from Michael Roe on Vimeo.

Part 3:

The Power of Nightmares Part 3- The Shadows in the Cave - by Adam Curtis from Michael Roe on Vimeo.

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My friend tweetd this earlier: A Short Guide to the Middle East




My friend tweetd this earlier: A Short Guide to the Middle East


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It’s easy to blame Obama and pin him as solely responsible for whatever atrocities we’re about to commit in Syria but that would just be lazy and misguided on our behalf. 

The truth is that most of these war plans have been circulating since before Obama was even in federal politics, some even go back as far as Reagan’s administration. 

That’s how DoD planning works. We first find “troublesome” countries or key individuals that we fear and we create a study. We see how the socio-climate is developing, who’s in charge now, how the people feel, are they going more extreme to more obedient (to America), do they have any thing of current value, future value, can we have a beneficial trade agreement with them, can we profit via war, etc, etc. 

Then they start to develop strategic plans on how to cut-off, economically or militarily, and win a war without a war. They also develop plans on how to invade, conquer and rebuild both the infrastructure and the political/economical system that can best benefit our interests. 

Once they have the plans, they put out money to the military contractors to develop special projects that include things like tanks, plans, armor, cammo, etc. 

Congruently, the military starts to run “simulations” and “war games” and “drills” which mimic how the operations will go down. 

All the while, some crooked congressmen are sitting in a dark room, outlining laws, spending bills, budgets, and declarations and whatever else they will need for when the perfect opportunity comes up. 

That’s when everything goes from idle or test mode into full-on war eagle. Everything powers up and the US War Machine is ready to demolish a country and drive us further into debt with our banking creditors and military suppliers. 

Just go Google any country (e.g. China or Iran) and look at the links on the first page. Wikipedia is usually #1 followed by maybe a country site, but always in the top 10 there’s a link to a CIA info page about that country. Go ahead, click it. There’s more info about those countries than those countries have about themselves. In depth details about geography, government, economy, energy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues. And that’s just the stuff that we can see. Just image the depth of the CIA’s knowledge about foreign nations that we don’t have access to. 

These plans aren’t executed over night, these things are developed as a long-run strategy. America doesn’t play checkers. We are playing chess and America is the Grand-master of death. 

“Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” - Thomas Jefferson. 
No wonder politicians are telling you not to listen to people who call government tyrannical.
“Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” - Thomas Jefferson.
No wonder politicians are telling you not to listen to people who call government tyrannical.


Gun ‘Control’? Control is a myth. What we really need is gun safety and that doesn’t come through legislation. If you truly want gun safety, teach your kids how to properly handle and respect a gun at a young age. Go to the range, practice and, most importantly, always respect the power of the gun.

If you don’t care for actual gun safety, bypass Congress like a dictator, create a bunch of laws to suppress lawful ownership of guns all while working with the DOJ, CIA and groups that you yourself deem as “terrorists” in illegally trafficking “military style” guns all around the world.

If you’ve done the former, you are an upstanding citizen and a responsible member of society. Do the latter and you are the President of the United States of America.

American gun manufacturers produce guns in America using American laborers which the American government buys with the money taxed from the American people or borrowed on the behalf of the American people and uses the American military and American intelligence agencies to ship the American guns to supposed enemies of the American people — Muslim extremists (War on Terror) and Mexican drug cartels (War on Drugs) — yet at home Americans are told that we, ourselves, can’t purchase such weapons. That’s the logic of our supposedly “American” government. And sadly, that’s the rising opinion of our American populace. — Sha







IT’s not 

Ahh, do that again….” last line, it’s simply two lovers debating between staying or going
Have you never done that “I’ve got to go home now,”
“well maybe 5 more minuites”  

well there is the “what’s in this drink” line that’s always questionable. but i’m going to chalk that up to it being a song from different age

I joke about that song being rapey too but it’s all obviously done in coy overtones. It’s two lovers flirting. Nothing more than that.

People like to put their own bullshit on it that isn’t there

Did you know “Baby, it’s cold outside” was the song that sparked the Islamic Jihadist movement in the Middle East? 

BBC’s Power of Nightmares:


The Power of Nightmares, Part I

Adam Curtis’ enlightening and frightening 2004 doc series from the BBC.This one gets into radical Islam and the American neocons.  These are more reasons to look deeper into our leadership and our policies, as citizens of the world.”

I really wish I had the patience to watch this.  Has anyone else?

I started watching this last night and I watched part 2 during my lunch break, watching part 3 now. 

This might be the best real history of America and our modern foreign policy that I have ever seen. If you want to talk about politics and be taken seriously, you need to know the information that is contained in this documentary. 

All in all, it’s just shy of 3 hours long, divided into 3 parts. Watch all of it, don’t cheap out. 

How could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we helped save from destruction?

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (via aheram)

This happens for the same reason animals rampage when they are freed from their zoo cages. 

When you oppress creatures for any length of time, their first reaction is to lash out and violently attack anything they see, including those that freed them. 

Now, saying we “freed” the Libyans is a bit of a stretch and anyone that studies history or looks into Libyan oil and their move to remove the US dollar as their reserve currency will see right through the thin lie of America as a liberator, but let’s let that skeleton rest on the dinning room floor for a minute. 

To ask why Al Qaeda rebels, who we handed weapons to in order to defeat Muammar Gaddafi, would want to attack the US, the same US that’s been waging a global war against Al Qaeda for over a decade now, would be a silly question. 

That’s like asking why a wild lion that you’ve been hunting for days would attack you when you try to feed it some scrap meet. 



Ben Swann Reality Check asks President Obama about U.S. foreign policy that seems to fight al Qaeda in Afghanistan but support al Qaeda in Syria.

Watch and learn…

Do you ever wonder why our government has DNA samples of all the high ranking “terrorists”?