Tomorrow is the last episode of Fringe.

It’s been a long and wonderful journey watching this show develop on both sides of it (we do production work on the show at my job). I’ve not only become a fan, I’ve come to the conclusion that Fringe is JJ Abrams’ best work, and I’m a giant LOST fan. 

I don’t watch too much television and I barely DVR any shows (Top Gear, Fringe, TWD, White Collar and that’s pretty much it), but I’ve watched this show religiously since the series premiere. Don’t know why and i won’t even attempt to explain it but if you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favor and do so. 

Theory: If I had more time, I’d probably dedicate 3,000 words to a post on Fringe, but I don’t have that luxury, instead, here’s my prediction as to how the series will end:

All time resets, Peter and Olivia never meet. Peter is brought back with Walter but they die in the pond. The End. 

- Sha